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  Southern Sun is pioneering the way for Texas families to produce clean energy with the most intelligent and innovative technology on the planet.


Find out how Texas homeowners are saving thousands of dollars by eliminating their power bill with a custom designed solar panel system. 


Follow these steps below to see if Solar is right for your home

Step 1:

Calculate how much energy you use every year

Grab your most recent utility bill and find the chart that looks like this

(This is your yearly electrical usage)


We need this to calculate the right size of solar system for your home. 


Once you find it, take a picture of it on your smartphone. 



If you can't find this chart, don't worry, email or call us and we can look up your usage for you.


Step 2:

Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts


Schedule a time to meet with one of our experts. We can do this in the comfort of your home, or arrange to meet over the internet.

We will ask you to send us the picture of your electrical usage you took a photo of the previous step

Digital Meeting Platforms

If you prefer a digital meeting, we can do a solar consultation online with any of these apps

Working from Home

+ Webex
+ Google Duo

+ Zoom 
+ Facetime  
Google Meet

Do you prefer using a different digital Platform? Call or email us and we will download it to make sure we don't miss out on the opportunity to meet with you.

Step 3:

Qualifying your home

Graphic Designer

 Our engineering team will analyze your energy consumption, roof, and location of your home through our specialized software.This is to make sure your home will even qualify for a solar system.

Once qualified, we will create you a customized 3D design that will show you the equipment we will be using, and exactly how much energy your solar panels will produce

Aurora sun proposal pic.png
In home consultation pic 1.jpeg

Next, an expert energy consultant will show you your customized 3D design, and explain all of the details of how it works during your free consultation that you scheduled with us in step 2

Also keep in mind that we pay our energy consultants to make sure you are 100% certain about installing solar panels on your home, so please do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you need!


Step 4:

Get your project going

  If everything looks good to you, Southern Sun will get to work on installing your system right away!​

Solar Panels

From start to finish

We order all equipment, contact HOA’s, submit permits, handle all financing, and anything else your solar project may need.

We believe in providing our customers with impeccable service, so while many other companies only handle the

sales or installation, Southern

Sun takes care of everything.


Step 5:


Family Entertainment

Once install is finished, and we receive permission to operate, we will flip the switch on so that you can reap all of the benefits that solar has to offer!

After everything is up and running, you can rest assured as Southern Sun is committed to making sure your experience has been 

exceptional, and that your system continues operating the way it should be.


It's important to do business with people you trust. Thats why Southern Sun is a homegrown company built by hard working people just like you. We believe that people have the right to own their power, and its our mission to install premium solar power systems that will provide electricity for your families home for years to come.

No Money Down
$0 Out of Pocket
Lifetime Support and Mainenance

GAF Master Elite
Roofing Team


Battery Backup

and Off The Grid

Systems Available

25-Year Solar Panel Manufacturer Warranty

25-Year Labor Warranty

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